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The New New Twitter

Twitter provides a video that walks the viewer through the changes made to simplify Twitter for the mass market. Is Twitter finally emerging as a full fledged competitor to Facebook?


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Behold! The New TweetDeck

Mashable provides an overview of the many changes to TweetDeck that they just rolled out of an extended beta period. From the article (includes video):

” Twitter has also taken this opportunity to refocus users on its own services. So Twitter’s TweetDeck defaults to Twitter’s URL shortener and Twitter’s photo services. Old TweetDeck delivered photos to YFrog by default and still used for URLs. You can still choose to use these services, but with them now hidden behind a settings menu choice it’s unlikely TweetDeck users will ever use them again. “


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More Twitter Tips and Tools

The following articles contain links to some helpful Twitter Tools and Applications.

Chris Brogan’s 50 Power Twitter Tips

Drop Ship Access provides links to Twitter Tools and information on how to best utilize the applications.

Network World offers “5 Ways to Find Relevant Followers”

CIO provides 5 Proven Ways to Get ReTweets. Here is Part 2

Tweet Tips at TweetingTips

The Twitter Guide Book on Mashable

Of course, there is always the reliable Twitter Blog

5 Twitter tips from Strategic Public Relations

31 Twitter Tips from New Marketing Labs

Tweet Smarts from TweetSmarter

10 Twitter Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Mashable offers 4 Tips for Tapping into Twitter Conversations

Brian Solis offers 21 tips for Twitter and Facebook. Fast company’s (same) list here

Kyle Lacy’s ” Essential Twitter tips for Reaching Local Customers”

Some basic Twitter tips from Big is the New Small

Slightly dated but useful list from Web Analytics World

Common Twitter mistakes to avoid by Kyiv Post

13 Twitter tips and tutorials for beginners from TwiTip

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Making Money using Twitter

Social Media guru Laurel Papworth provides 22 revenue streams to monetize Twitter. From the article:

” The first question is ethical – if money and currency is about a show of worth, a menu of value, then yes, we can monetize conversations and activities. Because if we don’t people have to find a way to show value themselves and that’s harder.”

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Twitter sales lead tool launched by WeCanDo.Biz

VentureBeat provides analysis of,  a new Twitter sales tool. From the article:

” The tool works automatically searching millions of daily tweets looking for the key words included during a profile setup. While this is possible through other applications like TweetDeck, the Twitter Sales Leads tool takes it one step further. The tool not only finds tweets describing specific products or services, but filters results to show only tweets which emphasize a need for a product, service or recommendation.”

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CoTweet is a useful Twitter Business Application

CoTweet is a web based platform for using Twitter and related apps to communicate with customers. Articles by:

The Wall Street Journal



Also, VerticalResponse integrates CoTweet into its email marketing platform. Press Release by

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