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More Twitter Tips and Tools

The following articles contain links to some helpful Twitter Tools and Applications.

Chris Brogan’s 50 Power Twitter Tips

Drop Ship Access provides links to Twitter Tools and information on how to best utilize the applications.

Network World offers “5 Ways to Find Relevant Followers”

CIO provides 5 Proven Ways to Get ReTweets. Here is Part 2

Tweet Tips at TweetingTips

The Twitter Guide Book on Mashable

Of course, there is always the reliable Twitter Blog

5 Twitter tips from Strategic Public Relations

31 Twitter Tips from New Marketing Labs

Tweet Smarts from TweetSmarter

10 Twitter Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Mashable offers 4 Tips for Tapping into Twitter Conversations

Brian Solis offers 21 tips for Twitter and Facebook. Fast company’s (same) list here

Kyle Lacy’s ” Essential Twitter tips for Reaching Local Customers”

Some basic Twitter tips from Big is the New Small

Slightly dated but useful list from Web Analytics World

Common Twitter mistakes to avoid by Kyiv Post

13 Twitter tips and tutorials for beginners from TwiTip


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Twitter ads a no no

Social Media Insider discusses why Twitter needs to look at alternative revenue sources other than advertising

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Pegshot combines maps, videos and Twitter

TechCrunch descusses Pegshot, a service that allows you to use your iPhone to capture pictures and videos and then send them to friends on Twitter and Facebook in a chronological fashion with maps/locations attached. From the article:

” When one of your friends clicks on the link, they are taken to a page on Pegshot where they can watch the video, or see the photo, next to a map showing where it was taken.  There they can add a comment to the shot.”

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TweetPhoto targets Foursquare

TechCrunch profiles Foursquare photo service TweetPhoto. From the article:

” Using TweetPhoto’s new API, any third-party Foursquare developer can add picture functionality to their site or app.”

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Coming Soon: Twitter App Store

TechCrunch discusses Oneforty, a Premium App Store for third party Twitter applications. From the article:

” Specifically, on January 12 (next Tuesday), Oneforty will announce its e-commerce alpha launch. With it, third-party Twitter applications and tools will be able to be sold through Oneforty for the first time.”

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Twitter Lists for Brands

Social Studies has a good blog post about the value of Twitter lists and their potential value for brands.

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Twitter Tips for Newbies

Citizen Marketer 2.1 provides an insightful article/interview about getting started using Twitter. From the interview:

” It didn’t take long to realize Google is a horrible search engine for up to the minute news. And even once cutting edge sites, updated daily, began to appear stale. If it’s happening now, it’s streaming on Twitter.”

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