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Tweet Beat

Teen Beat has gone the way of the dodo for young stars connecting with their fans. These days its all about Twitter. Article by Variety

” Twitter seems to be the favorite of Young Hollywood, making it easier to interact with fans by sending short messages from their cell phones.”


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Marvelous Team Up: Google Friend Connect meets Twitter

Google announces the integration of everyone’s favorite microblog service Twitter into Friend Connect. Articles and lots of analysis by:

All Facebook includes video


The Washington Post

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Twitter + iPhone = TV Chatter

TV Chatter combines Twitter and the iPhone for a true social tv viewing experience.

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Twitter sales lead tool launched by WeCanDo.Biz

VentureBeat provides analysis of WeCanDo.biz,  a new Twitter sales tool. From the article:

” The tool works automatically searching millions of daily tweets looking for the key words included during a profile setup. While this is possible through other applications like TweetDeck, the Twitter Sales Leads tool takes it one step further. The tool not only finds tweets describing specific products or services, but filters results to show only tweets which emphasize a need for a product, service or recommendation.”

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New iPhone 3GS app lets you geotag your tweets

Twitter 360 can pinpoint where tweets originate from.

Articles, more video and analysis from:

The Next Web


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TweetDeck Basics

Genesis Blogging provides a very good beginners level tutorial about TweetDeck.  The video covers how to install to your desktop, creating tweet lists, moving columns, customizing the interface, adjusting API, etc.


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Mo betta’ TweetDeck

TechCrunch has an excellent analysis of the new features accompanying the  TweetDeck update rollout. The article also includes a video. From the article:

“A new version of TweetDeck is rolling out today with some major improvements, including support for Lists, Retweets, maps for geo-tagged messages, and LinkedIn streams. TweetDeck has already been downloaded more than 10 million times, and its active user base is in the low millions so this is a significant update.”

UPDATE: 12/01/09 new articles from:



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